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Finn The 100 Schauspieler

Finn The 100 Schauspieler Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode The 100 2x08: «Spacewalker»

Thomas McDonell. Die ersten Rollen der Serie gingen an Eli Goree, Bob Morley und Henry Ian Cusick. Die zentralen Rollen Clarke Griffin und Finn Collins wurden im März mit Eliza Taylor und. Finn Collins (*, Ark - † Oktober , Camp Jaha) war ein Hauptcharakter der ersten und. The ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie des Fernsehsenders The CW Daraufhin tötet Clarke Finn, um ihn vor einem qualvollen Tod durch die Grounder zu bewahren. Bellamy wird in Mount Rollenname, Schauspieler, Foto, Hauptrolle, Nebenrolle, Synchronsprecher. Clarke Griffin / Wanheda. Thomas McDonell spielt Schönling Finn in "The ". Alles zu Neben Disney, wollte auch ABC den jungen Schauspieler unter Vertrag stellen, weshalb er von​.

Finn The 100 Schauspieler

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Thomas McDonell. Rolle: Finn Collins. The ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie des Fernsehsenders The CW Daraufhin tötet Clarke Finn, um ihn vor einem qualvollen Tod durch die Grounder zu bewahren. Bellamy wird in Mount Rollenname, Schauspieler, Foto, Hauptrolle, Nebenrolle, Synchronsprecher. Clarke Griffin / Wanheda. Thomas McDonell.

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Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von The Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Thomas McDonell. Rolle: Finn Collins. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von The Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Thomas McDonell. Rolle: Finn Collins. Bellamy Blake and Finn Collins || The || Bob Morley and Thomas McDonell. Entdecke Ideen zu Schauspieler. Bellamy Blake and Finn Collins || The

Jul 4, — Clarke e Finn; THE ; ok, lo ammmetto io non sono una flarke, a me non piace finn ma questa parte mi ha fatto piangere.

Kleine Rollen in "The " und "Supernatural" konnte Finn auf seinem Steckbrief verbuchen, ehe er von dem offenen Casting für "Stranger Things" erfuhr.

Bad Kreuznach. Damit die Abstandsregeln am Strand eingehalten werden, hat sich ein Ort in Schleswig-Holstein etwas einfallen lassen: Eine.

Clarke Griffin wird von Eliza Taylor verkörpert und ist ein Hauptcharakter der ersten, zweiten, dritten, vierten und fünften Staffel von The Sie wurde inhaftiert, weil sie und ihr Vater der gesamten Bevölkerung erzählen wollten, dass die Ark stirbt.

Gemeinsam mit den anderen wurde sie dann auf die Erde geschickt, da die. Dezember ist ein kanadischer Schauspieler.

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Dr Jul 4, — Clarke e Finn; THE ; ok, lo ammmetto io non sono una flarke, a me non piace finn ma questa parte mi ha fatto piangere.

This not only forced them to remain inside the facility unless they wore protective suits, they also had no choice but to capture Grounders and harvest their blood, which they used for transfusions to survive even the small amount of radiation exposure they received inside Mount Weather.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating the acid fog that has killed numerous outsiders, as well as the barbaric Reapers who helped them capture Grounders for their blood-harvesting program.

Because so many Grounder and Arker lives were lost in the name of the Mountain Men's survival, both groups hold very negative views toward those residing in Mount Weather, although some people within the mountain actively reject treatment with the blood stolen from Grounders unless absolutely necessary, for moral reasons.

In the second season, while holding forty-seven of the prisoners, the Mountain Men discovered that a transfusion of bone marrow from the former Ark residents could grant them permanent immunity from the radiation, but the eventually fatal consequences for captured Arkers of the marrow-harvesting drive Clarke to a point where she is forced to open the air filtration system of the mountain, killing every one of the Mountain Men in order to save her own people.

The purpose of the expedition was to mine Hythylodium. In , the prisoners started to become sick and the captain issued "Order 11", which would abandon the prisoners on the asteroid.

Out of altruistic reasons, one of the ship's pilots Miles Shaw deactivated the shock collars of prisoners that lead to the massacre of the ship's crew and an explosion that destroyed one of the engines.

Led by Charmaine Diyoza, the prisoners decide to return to the post-apocalyptic Earth but with an engine destroyed, it would take decades to reach there.

The prisoners put themselves through cryosleep to evade aging. In , Shaw piloted the transport craft Gagarin and lands Diyoza with a party of prisoners in the Shallow Valley, which is apparently the only habitable place left after the radiation wave Praimfaya in the fourth-season finale.

They act as antagonists in the fifth season and are eventually defeated, but the lives of those who surrendered are spared.

The prisoners' second leader McCreary launches the Damocles bomb against Shallow Valley in an act of scorched earth , destroying the valley and rendering the Earth uninhabitable.

Even decades later the Earth fails to recover and as a result, is deemed permanently uninhabitable. In season 7's "From the Ashes," its stated that there are 36 prisoners left alive.

The prisoners have been released to help build a new compound on Sanctum for everyone to live in. In "False Gods," Hatch, who had been imprisoned for bank robbery and murder, as well as three others die stopping a nuclear reactor meltdown, leaving 32 prisoners alive.

Wonkru is a new, united clan, consisting of the former eleven remaining Grounder clans all of Floukru died and Skaikru, founded by Octavia Blake.

Later, they are now led by the new Commander, named Madi. After the Flame is destroyed, many of Wonkru abandon the leadership of Clarke and her friends though some remain on their side.

With the situation getting progressively worse, Indra attempts to get Madi to retake command without success.

Instead, John Murphy and Emori convince Indra, who they realize was the true power behind Wonkru in the bunker, to take leadership of the clan herself.

Indra is able to reunite Wonkru under her command with only one warrior, Knight, trying without success to challenge her.

With Earth running out of resources, a colonization mission was sent out on Eligius III to five potentially habitable worlds.

Alpha, later renamed Sanctum by Josephine Lightbourne, was a habitable moon settled by Mission Team Alpha who later became the ruling families, known as the Primes, with their leader, Russell Lightbourne.

Although some of the Sanctum Citizens are potentially descendants of the Primes themselves, they had landed on Sanctum with a thousand frozen embryos to start the colony which is the most likely origin of most of the people, though the remaining embryos were eventually destroyed by Gabriel Santiago.

Taught to revere the Primes as living divinity due to their ability to resurrect themselves through Nightblood hosts, the citizens eventually rebel at the end of the sixth season after learning the truth, leading to the death of most of the Primes.

In the seventh season, the Sanctum Citizens struggle to adapt to their new reality while tensions rise between the various factions on the moon.

The Children of Gabriel is a rebel militia group, who are in conflict with the Primes, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum.

They were founded by Gabriel Santiago, also known as the Old Man, who was once the Thirteenth Prime but rebelled seventy years before the present after recognizing the immorality of what the Primes were doing.

Gabriel is known as a demon to the people of Sanctum and an almost mythical figure amongst his followers, having been missing for ten years.

Unknown to the Children of Gabriel, Gabriel has been hiding amongst them as Xavier, a high-ranking and less extreme member of the organization, having been unwillingly resurrected in Xavier's body after his last host died.

After the overthrow and death of most of the Primes, the organization moves back into Sanctum under the leadership of Nelson and pushes for the execution Russell Lightbourne, the last Prime.

Due to many being abandoned as children, they are unaware of the identity of their families in Sanctum even if their parents are still alive as discovered by Nelson when he returned following the successful rebellion.

A mysterious group from another planet called Bardo. Though human, not much is known about them or their origins except that they are fanatically religious in some manner and that their current leader is named Anders.

After finding Skyring due to a message in a bottle sent through the Anomaly by Octavia Blake, they captured Octavia and Charmaine Diyoza, later formed some sort of deal with Diyoza's daughter Hope and turned Skyring into a prison planet for their unbelievers.

They are first encountered on Sanctum when several members kidnap Bellamy Blake through the Anomaly and attempt to capture Echo and Gabriel Santiago while targeting Hope for death.

Three members are killed by Echo, revealing that they are humans with advanced technology, but not much else. After discovering that Skyring is one of the other planets on the Eligius III colony mission, Gabriel suggests that Bardo was another Eligius planet as well and that the Disciples are the descendants of one of the other Eligius mission teams who settled on Bardo like the people on Sanctum.

It is later revealed that their full name is the Disciples of a Greater Truth and that they worship a deity called the Shepherd that saved them from the destruction of Earth.

The Disciples believe in "the war to end all wars" which Clarke Griffin supposedly holds the key to winning. Disciple warriors hold rankings going up to at least Level 12 which appears to be a Master level.

Of the named Disciples, Dev was a Level 7 while Orlando was a Level 12 who trained other Disciples and was on one occasion shown to be addressed as "Master Orlando".

Gabriel, Echo and Hope later realize that the Disciples are not Eligius descendants but instead came directly from Earth through the Anomaly.

Nathan Miller and Niylah later discover a sigil that suggests a connection between the Disciples and the Second Dawn doomsday cult that built the bunker that Wonkru survived in.

Its later revealed that the Shepherd is Bill Cadogan, the founder and leader of the Second Dawn who has been kept alive in stasis by the Disciples.

Portrayed by Eliza Taylor , Clarke Griffin [2] is the daughter of Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin, and the effective leader of the for much of the series.

Her backstory is that she was imprisoned as an accessory to the crimes of her father after attempting to inform their people that the Ark was dying, and thus ended up among the Down on the ground, she tries to ensure the 's survival by assisting in the acquisition of food and resources, and she also continuously serves as their main medic before her mother and the other medical staff join them on Earth.

She is portrayed as relatively benevolent, but has been shown to act ruthlessly to fight or kill in order to protect her people if there are no other options, and she possesses natural leadership qualities with the help and early on, the opposition of Bellamy.

They learn to love each other. After killing the entire Mountain Men population to save her fellow Sky People, Clarke becomes known in Trigedasleng as Wanheda literally "Death-commander" and is sometimes also called Mountain-slayer.

Clarke becomes gradually hardened and matured by her experiences on Earth, namely the acts she has been forced to commit to survive and protect her people.

This transforms her into a strong but personally troubled heroine in the series, as she continues to struggle to reunify humankind by maintaining the uneasy peace between the Arkers and some of the Grounders, and between groups among her own people.

On February 28, , the series creator Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Clarke is bisexual ; this makes her the first openly bisexual lead character on the CW network.

Josephine later relinquishes control to Clarke to escape a decapitation though the two continue to share her body.

After Josephine manages to remain inside of Clarke's body even after the Mind Drive is removed, Clarke destroys Josephine's consciousness for good and regains full permanent control of her body.

Shortly afterwards, Clarke loses her mother when Abby is mind-wiped to become the new host for Josephine's mother, Simone.

Clarke is subsequently forced to blow Simone and anything left of Abby into space in self-defense, something that, along with her adopted daughter Madi becoming possessed by the Dark Commander, causes her to almost commit suicide.

He's also Octavia's brother and the best friend, soulmate of Clarke Griffin. He often says "my sister, my responsibility".

He was the leader of the and described as the one who inspires masses. He's often inspired by Clarke after a tumultuous start to their relationship.

He and Clarke develop a mutual respect and learn to compromise for each other's methods. He still feels guilty for his mother's death.

In the second season, he went undercover in Mt Weather, which was a huge risk, to save 40 of his people who were held captive to extract their bone marrow.

In the end he along with Clarke were able to save all of their people although they had to pull the lever that radiated all of the people in Mt.

Weather after the betrayal by Lexa. In the third season, he saw Clarke while she was a prisoner of Roan.

In order to save her he took a huge risk by dressing as a grounder and crossed an army of grounders in order to retrieve Clarke but his attempt resulted in him being knocked out.

Clarke sacrificed her freedom to prevent him from getting killed. He was manipulated by the new Chancellor after Azgeda Ice Nation bombed Mt Weather, killing 49 people, including his girlfriend.

In the process, he betrays Marcus Kane and put the whole of The Ark at risk of death. The bombing was made possible because Bellamy trusted Echo, the Grounder he saved in the previous season in Mt Weather.

He listened to the false information she delivered in order to save Clarke. After Pike's election, Bellamy is one of the nine guards along with Pike himself that carry out the chancellor's orders to kill the Grounder warriors sent by Lexa.

Bellamy soon feels guilt for his actions, and while he saves Indra's life, this puts a rift between him and Octavia, as well as Kane.

He remains one of the few people not taken over by A. In season 4, he saved his people, including Riley, who were held as slaves by an Ice Nation gang.

His determination to save his people often puts him in danger. Afterward, he reconciled with Kane. He is often on the grounders' side, feeling it is selfish for the Sky People to hog all the places in the bunker.

In S4 finale he had to leave Clarke behind on the ground in order to reach the Ark. In the fifth season, it is revealed he survived on the Ark in space.

After being reunited with Octavia, he feels he does not recognize her anymore due to her brutal and unforgiving ways, but still tries to get through to her.

It was also his idea to try and take the cryogenically frozen prisoners hostage and have leverage with Diyoza in order to save Clarke.

He also made Madi realize that they had made mistakes and asked her to forgive the Eligius crew and they all boarded the ship at his request.

Also, his denial to board the ship without all of his people on board indicated his PTSD regarding leaving Clarke behind in S4 finale.

He also poisoned his own sister to spare Clarke's life thus indicating a shift in his priority. In the 6th season he's still feeling guilt over Monty and Harper's along with several of his friend's death which resulted in a conflict between him and Echo.

When Clarke was body-snatched by The Primes it was him who recognized it wasn't her in Clarke's body which resulted in him being knocked out.

He's also the one who learns Clarke is still alive inside her Brain based on the Morse code. He risks everything and everyone's life to save Clarke and his relationship with Clarke was described as weird by Josephine.

In the end he performed CPR and desperately asked Clarke to fight for her life which resulted in her revival. In the season finale he watched in horror as Octavia was snatched from his hands by the anomaly.

Callie is first seen talking to the people on The Ark about the going down to Earth. She said that she cannot confirm or deny anything at the moment.

When Callie comes to know that Abigail Griffin is going to be executed she goes up to Marcus Kane to tell him that he is out of his mind and he cannot kill everyone who disagrees with him.

Callie says that Abigail is her friend leaving Kane to reply that he cannot do anything to stop it. Kane and Callie share a close moment.

She tries to implore him to give Abby amnesty, asking him to think of their own relationship. He answers by saying that no matter what he feels, he cannot.

When it is time, Callie breaks into tears walking with Abigail to the place where she will be executed, embracing her and refusing to let go even at the behest of the guards.

Abby asks that Callie watch out for her daughter before she dies. When the door is about to close Chancellor Thelonious Jaha demands the execution be stopped immediately.

Callie is thrilled for Abigail, able to hold her friend again. Jason Rothenberg revealed that Hu was dropped after the first episode due to budget reasons.

Her husband was the chief engineer, Jake Griffin. She was a member of the Council led by Chancellor Jaha on the Ark before being stripped of her title, though she regained this position shortly afterward.

During this time she ruled autocratically, refusing to let Kane take over again on his return and betraying her former friend Jaha by putting him in prison.

Abby becomes friends with Raven Reyes when she needs her mechanical expertise to try to get more information on what the is dealing with on the ground.

She begins to like the young engineer due to her reminding her of Clarke. Abby's relationship with her daughter became strained following Clarke's discovery of her mother's betrayal to her father which led to his execution.

It only became more complicated once Abby and the rest of the people from the Ark joined the on Earth, as they were both the leaders of their respective groups of people.

Abby continues to work as the resident doctor in the newly established Sky People colony known as Arkadia formally Camp Jaha and has supported Marcus Kane's campaign for peaceful cohabitation with the Grounders, putting her at odds with the anti-Grounder factions within their people.

Abby is subsequently mind-wiped by Russell Lightbourne, effectively killing her and her body becomes the new host for Simone Lightbourne.

In "The Blood of Sanctum", Clarke holds out hope that Abby survived in the same way that she did, but Russell confirms that Abby is truly gone.

After a failed attempt by Simone to pose as Abby, Clarke blows Simone and several others out into space, killing them all.

Abby's body is last seen floating away into deep space. In "From the Ashes," Clarke struggles with Abby's death while Murphy struggles with guilt over his role in it.

Russell later returns Abby's things to Clarke in an attempt to get Clarke to kill him. Portrayed by Thomas McDonell , Finn Collins seasons 1—2 [2] is a caring teenager who is always looking for fun and a peaceful solution.

He is more interested in helping others than seeking vengeance. He was arrested for being a spacewalker and wasting the Ark's limited oxygen supply, but it was revealed that he was innocent and had taken the fall for Raven, his girlfriend, to ensure she did not ruin her engineering career or get floated.

Originally Clarke's love interest, Finn's relationship with Clarke starts collapsing when she discovers his relationship with Raven. His romances with both girls ultimately end, but Finn and Clarke still love each other, and Raven still loves Finn.

In the second season, his fear that Clarke has been killed by her captors in addition to the hardships he has endured cause him to become unpredictable and violent.

He murders eighteen unarmed Grounders who he believed had taken Clarke hostage, and was willingly going to leave several fellow Arkers for dead in favor of continuing his search for her.

As a result of his actions, the Grounders demanded retribution before they will agree to a truce between them and the Sky People, leading Commander Lexa to sentence Finn to death by a thousand cuts.

However, he was mercifully killed by Clarke to prevent the Grounders from slowly and painfully killing him, though he did appear one last time during Clarke's grief-induced hallucinations.

Portrayed by Eli Goree , Wells Jaha season 1; guest season 2 [2] was Clarke's childhood best friend and the son of Thelonious Jaha, who was the Ark's Chancellor at the start of the series.

He is despised by some of the upon landing on the ground because of his father. He intentionally committed a crime when he found out about the imminent launch of the delinquents to Earth so as to join the group in the hope to protect Clarke, for whom he harbors feelings.

Clarke believed he was the reason her father is dead, only to find out later that her mother was the one who betrayed her father, and Wells willingly took the blame to prevent Clarke from hating her.

On the ground, he is hardworking and thoughtful, volunteering to dig graves and collect rainwater to aid their newly established colony.

It was his expert knowledge of botany that made him a valuable ally to Clarke, as she was tasked as the 's medic due to her previous experience as the daughter of a doctor and needed herbal medicines to treat the ill and injured members of their community.

He was murdered by Charlotte in the third episode, who wanted retribution for his father's execution of her parents on the Ark. He appears once again in the second season, when a hypoxic Thelonious hallucinates that Wells is alive and with him on the Ark, when everyone else has left for the surface.

When Thelonious falls under A. Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos and by Olivia Steele Falconer as child Octavia Blake [2] is Bellamy's younger sister — a rare relationship given the Ark's one-child rule.

She was kept a secret by her family, living under the floor to avoid detection by authorities, but was eventually caught when Bellamy snuck her out of her room to attend a masked ball.

Once discovered, some of the detainees discriminate against her for being a second child and thus an outcast to the Ark's dystopian society.

She is a fiercely independent girl who is constantly rebelling and getting attention from men, most notably the Grounder Lincoln.

However, just like Clarke, she is not exactly built for war so she is horrified at what she sees and experiences at first.

In the second season, she becomes more immersed in Grounder culture and serves as Indra's second. Originally she felt hatred towards Clarke for being the daughter of someone in the same council who had her locked up.

It is intensified when she discovers Clarke knew about the bombing of Tondc, did nothing about it, and allowed all those Grounders to die after the events of Mount Weather even telling Indra that she will not leave behind Bellamy and her friends.

She remains in her Grounder gear, and berates Lincoln for wearing an Ark jacket and for being naive as she still holds a grudge towards them.

Eventually, Lincoln is brutally killed in front of her by Pike, causing a rift between her and Bellamy. In the fourth season, she shows more signs of being bloodthirsty after killing an ambassador who questions Roan's leadership.

This new violent attitude earned her the nickname Skairipa 'Sky-reaper' or Death from Above. After refusing to kill Illian and getting close with him she decides to drop the act and take him home.

She later accepts the fact that she is a killer and will fight in the Grounder battle for the bunker alongside Trikru, in which she is victorious after killing Luna, and becoming the acting leader of all 12 clans by telling them they will share the bunker.

She finally forgives Bellamy for Lincoln's death after he opened the bunker realizing that he would put his own life in danger just to save her and the Grounders.

She later protects Nilyah and further solidified her role as new leader by saying if Skaikru does not choose the people to stay in the bunker then she will kill every Skaikru member.

In the season finale, she officially becomes the new leader of the new Grounder tribe consisting of Skaikru, Trikru, Azgeda, and other Grounder clans, regardless of her blood and what is in her head.

In the fifth season, although still reluctant on being the leader, she tries to make peace with everyone. Eventually, overpopulation prevents from any real peace inside the bunker, so Octavia takes matters into her own hands and kills anyone who defies her or questions her view of what peace should be.

Thus covering herself in their blood and being told by Gaia that it is best she keeps the blood on her, thus becoming Blodreina the Red Queen and decides anyone who breaks her laws must compete in deathmatches.

During two years in the bunker, Abby's actions caused Octavia to become more dark and hateful that led to her ruthless actions as ruler of Wonkru, including murdering anyone who tries to defect, killing some of her own people in order to force them to stay alive when the only source of protein is their own dead, and culminating in her burning down the Hydrofarm in the bunker in order to force a conflict for the Shadow Valley rather than negotiating peace.

Near the fifth-season finale, she later has a change of heart, after realizing that she broke Wonkru. In the season finale, a remorseful Octavia unexpectedly helps Abby save Kane's life after a confrontation between the two women in which Octavia appeared to be torn between leaving or killing Kane.

In the sixth season, she is exiled on Sanctum by Bellamy and works with Diyoza who was also exiled. After being poisoned, Octavia seeks healing from the mysterious Anomaly with the help of Gabriel Santiago.

After being healed, Octavia decides to seek redemption for her actions and declares herself Blodreina no more.

At the end of season six, Octavia is stabbed by Diyoza's adult daughter Hope and disappears into the anomaly again, leaving her fate unknown.

In the seventh season, its revealed that the Anomaly, which is a wormhole , had sent Octavia to another planet named Skyring where, due to time dilation from a black hole , Octavia lived for ten years with Hope and Diyoza, forming a family and finding peace.

Finn was in a relationship with Raven Reyes Lindsey Morgan but when he thought he would never see her again, he spent the night with Clarke Griffin Eliza Taylor.

When he was reunited with Raven, he apologised to Clarke and the two of them remained friends but he still had feelings for both of them.

In the second season, Finn became a member of the Bellamy's Militia and even though he survived a battle with the Grounders, he was captured by Tristan Joseph Gatt.

Finn was rescued and taken back to Camp Jaha but after his ordeal, his team could see there was a change in him as he became far less hesitant to use violence.

This led him to kill 18 unarmed Grounders in a massacre while trying to find Clarke. Leader of the Grounders Lexa Alycia Debnam-Carey could not accept what he had done and believed he had to be punished for all of their deaths.

Lexa demanded the Sky People hand Finn over so he could pay for his crimes which they refused to do. But knowing his death would save Camp Jaha from the Grounders who were ready to attack, Finn sacrificed himself to protect his people.

The Grounders tied Finn to a tree with the plan to make him feel the pain of all of the people he killed.

Gegen Borussia Mönchengladbach. Finn Wolfhard. Jude, Wendy und Adele sind seit Jahrzehnten befreundet, viele Male haben sie gemeinsam Weihnachten gefeiert — aber diesmal.

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Belege einreichen? Ab der Einkommensteuererklärung für das Jahr brauchen Sie keine Belege und separate Aufstellungen mehr an Ihr Finanzamt versenden.

Die aus den drei Strukturkonzepten der Vorplanung entwickelte Vorzugsvariante. Bellamy and his crew run into Grounder territory as they search for Octavia while Raven notices the deep connection between Finn and Clarke.

Contents Under Pressure 42m. Abby guides Clarke through a dangerous procedure while Diana. Sinclair Alessandro Juliani Episoden : 1 - 4 - 5 - 8 - Richards James Pizzinato Episoden : 14 - Denby Michael Rogers Episoden : 5 - Weak Grounder Thomas E.

Nicholson Episode : Mel Tanaya Beatty Episoden : 4 - 5. Echo Tasya Teles Episoden : 11 - Quint Graham Shiels Episode : Griff Bart Anderson Episode : 8.

Penn Luc Roderique Episoden : 3 - 10 - Emori Luisa D'Oliveira Episode : Fox Genevieve Buechner Episoden : 11 - 12 - 13 - Vincent Vie Ian Tracey Episoden : 13 - Weather Soldier Fraser Corbett Episoden : 3 - Sienna Luvia Petersen Episode : 4.

Weather Soldier Jaime Callica Episode : 9. Lovejoy Eric Breker Episode : Fio James Michalopolous Episoden : 10 - Woman Suzanne Ristic Episode : 1.

Zoran Finn Wolfhard Episode : 4. Brixton Guard Serge Jaswal Episode : 6. David Miller Chris Shields Episoden : 2 - 7 - Keenan Mykulak Emily Haine Episoden : 1 - 6.

Artigas Alan Cameron Roberts Episoden : 3 - 5. Osias Chad Riley Episode : 4. Wells Eli Goree Episode : 2. Caspian Christian Tessier Episode : Alpha Reaper Sean Millington Episode : Rivo Colin Lawrence Episoden : 3 - 5.

Sgt Scott Warren Belle Episode : 6. Craig Jedidiah Goodacre Episode : Sindri Patrick Sabongui Episode : 9.

Guard Mike Klemak Episode : 3. Ryder Glenn Ennis Episoden : 9 - 12 - Seeing Finn trying to escape, Rose stuns him and intends to turn him in for desertion, but stops when Finn tells her that the First Order has found a way to track the cruiser through lightspeed.

She tells Finn that she might be able to disable the tracker, and Finn says that, having worked aboard a Star Destroyer, he would be able to find where the tracker is.

Rose and Finn run their plan by Poe, who contacts Kanata for help, but she claims that she is too busy and instructs them to find a "master code breaker" on a casino on the planet Canto Bight.

Finn is initially entranced by the lavish lifestyle of the casino, but becomes disillusioned when Rose tells him that most of the people there have become wealthy by dealing arms to the First Order.

While they find the master code breaker, they are unable to recruit him as they are arrested and jailed for a parking violation.

In their cell they meet DJ Benicio Del Toro , a thief and codebreaker who offers to help them; they refuse, but he nonetheless breaks them out of their cell.

Finn and Rose escape from the prison, where they set free a horde of horse-like racing creatures called Fathiers, escaping atop one of them.

Outside the casino they are greeted by BB-8 and DJ, having stolen a ship together. Eventually, Finn, Rose, and DJ arrive aboard the Mega -class Star Dreadnought Supremacy and disguise themselves as First Order officers; Finn finds the location of the tracker and DJ breaks them in, but before Rose is able to disable the tracker they are caught by Phasma.

Upon being captured, DJ, having overheard the Resistance's plan of escaping to Crait via transports, secretly tells the First Order of the plans in exchange for money and his freedom, and Finn and Rose are to be executed.

Finn has a one-on-one fight with Phasma, ending with him proudly declaring himself "rebel scum" before Phasma falls to her demise.

As the First Order prepares an attack on the formerly abandoned Rebel base on Crait, Finn recognizes the weaponry that they plan to use to destroy the blast doors and leads a small strike on the First Order with the intention of disabling the cannon.

The attack goes poorly, and Poe orders all fighters to retreat, but Finn is determined to destroy the cannon and flies directly into the blast, planning to sacrifice himself to defeat the First Order.

At the last second, Rose stops him by ramming her speeder into his, pushing him out of the blast. Finn asks her why she stopped him, and she tells him that wars are won "not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love;" she then kisses him before falling unconscious.

Finn brings her body back to the Rebel base and summons a medic for her. When Luke appears on Crait, Finn's first instinct is to send forces to help him, but Poe realizes that Luke is stalling to give the Resistance time to escape.

Finn and Poe lead the Resistance off the planet. Finn finally reunites with Rey, and embraces her before boarding the Millennium Falcon.

Finn is last seen putting a blanket over the still unconscious Rose. Finn, along with Poe, intercepts a message from a First Order mole that Emperor Palpatine Ian McDiarmid has come back to life and is planning an attack on the Resistance in the form of the Sith Eternal fleet, a massive armada of Xyston -class Star Destroyers.

Throughout the whole journey, Finn clearly has something he wants to tell Rey, but is unable to find the time to tell her.

Their journey takes them to Kijimi, where the location of the wayfinder is extracted from C-3PO's memory files, and later to the Resurgent -class Star Destroyer Steadfast , where Finn and Poe go to rescue Chewbacca, who was taken by the First Order.

In the process, Finn and Poe are captured by Stormtroopers and set to be executed, but they are rescued by General Hux Domnhall Gleeson , who reveals that he is the mole.

Going free, Finn and Poe rescue Rey aboard the Millennium Falcon and head to the Endor system, where the wayfinder is located among the wreckage of the second Death Star.

Finn gets to know Jannah, who reveals that she and the entire settlement on Kef Bir are former Stormtroopers who mutinied after a battle.

Finn tells her that he left the Order as well, and suggests that the Force brought them together and caused them all to leave the Order.

Finn and Jannah follow Rey aboard the wreckage to try and stop her from confronting Ren, but she does so and nearly kills him before healing him and leaving aboard Ren's ship.

Without Rey or the wayfinder, Finn, Poe, and Jannah return to the Resistance base, where they learn that Leia has died.

Finn learns of Exegol's whereabouts based on Rey's transmissions, and he and Poe lead a strike against the Final Order's Sith fleet, with Finn and Jannah specifically leading a ground attack on the surface of the Steadfast to take out their navigation.

As the attack nears its end, Finn and Jannah are left on the surface of the damaged First Order Star Destroyer, but are ultimately rescued by Lando and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon and the rest of the Resistance fleet; Finn attributes his faith in his being rescued to a knowledge of the Force.

Following the successful attack, Finn celebrates among the Rebels on the Resistance base, reuniting with Rey and Poe.

I think the element of having to step up to a bigger calling, when your circumstances don't particularly reflect that.

Because I'm young, at the beginning of my life; you haven't really achieved much, and then you have to do that whole adulthood thing, get responsible, work and all of that stuff, no more mommy and daddy taking care of things.

I feel like it's the same kind of journey that Finn has when he leaves the First Order. He leaves a curriculum, he leaves a system and embarks on his own journey.

He also noted that initially "most of his decisions are based on adrenaline. Like, 'Okay, you know what? I'm just going to get this blaster and run away.

In The Rise of Skywalker, Finn spends much of the film trying to tell Rey something which he does not want to say in front of Poe, but this thread is never resolved within the film's runtime and he never gets to tell Rey.

Abrams revealed that Finn was in fact trying to tell her that he is Force-sensitive, something that he suggests at several points throughout the film to Jannah.

This potential Force-sensitivity is explored numerous times throughout the trilogy, with Finn's conscience against the First Order and relative lightsaber ability in The Force Awakens , his connection to Rey in The Last Jedi , and his instincts and faith as well as his continued connection to Rey which is seen in The Rise of Skywalker.

Nevertheless, some fans and critics considered the thread underdeveloped, and his revelation or lack thereof in Skywalker to be anti-climactic.

The character and Boyega's portrayal have received critical acclaim; reviewer Jamie Graham wrote, "of the new triangle of characters, Boyega brings intensity and surprisingly honed comic timing.

The dynamic between Rey and Finn is something new for Star Wars, with her bright-eyed heroism complementing Boyega's roguish wit Gone is the clunky dialogue of the prequels —instead, it's replaced by some seriously clever writing that often leads to nice little moments, many with Han and Finn.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix notes, "Boyega has this great combination of self-interested fear and reluctant heroism that he plays beautifully, and he charts Finn's evolution as a person expertly here.

Ty Burr of The Boston Globe wrote that "Boyega's Finn is the new movie's one weak link, a character who vacillates between noble impulses and cowardice until our interest drops away.

The performance is fine but it's just fine, with little of the iconic bite a Wagnerian cartoon like this needs. The character was also subject to racist reactions by some fans online, to which Boyega responded, "I'm not going to lose sleep over people.

Get used to it", and further commented that, "All the films I've done have had a secret commentary on stereotypical mentalities.

It's about getting people to drop a prejudiced state of mind and realise, 'Oh shit we're just watching normal people. I wasn't raised to fear people with a difference of opinion.

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Finn The 100 Schauspieler Video

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